Why Fillable PDF Forms?

A PDF form with fields that your clients can type into is much easier to read than one they fill out by hand. Plus, it is much more convenient and less frustrating for the client. Imagine a form packet with multiple pages that automatically fills the repeated / redundant information like name, address, date. Stop frustrating your clients and give them a delightful experience with a fillable PDF form that they can fill on the computer then print and bring in, or even email back to you with one click! A simple one page form with 20 text fields takes me about 15 minutes to add the fields. At my standard rate of $80 per hour, that is only $20. Of course, more complex forms take longer (more fields, calculations, check boxes, buttons). If you have a form packet of 10 or more pages for me to enable with form fields, I will give you a 20% discount off the project through April 15 2019 (tax day). Just mention this post when you contact me via [email protected].