Why not add fields yourself?

Adobe makes it sound pretty easy to add your own PDF form fields. In fact, their help tutorial on creating PDF forms from scratch is very good. So why not try it yourself? First, if you haven’t done it before, there is a learning curve. The automated field adder isn’t perfect, and you will want to make changes like aligning the text in the field to sit on the form line, automating information that repeats like first and last name, as well as the font size and how many characters can fit in a field. This is all just basic stuff. If you need to add a new button or perform a calculation on a few fields, that takes a bit more time to learn. Second is the cost of the software. Unless you are going to use it for other tasks or create forms regularly, you may be better off financially paying a one time fee to have your form created. Those are a just a couple reasons. If you want to hear more, get in touch on our Contact Us page.