Copy Editing and Proofreading Services

Professional online proofreading and copy-editing services. Fast turnaround times available. Trusted by clients since 2004. Sample edits. Save your time for writing instead editing your own work, which is nearly impossible, and doesn’t generate a profit like writing does. Offer flawless content whether you are writing a short story, novel, non-fiction book, business paper, or even a PowerPoint presentation. All writing should go through at least one round of editing. To hire me for proofreading services, your work must be copy edited first. In other words, you cannot skip copy editing and go straight to proofreading. My rates are per word, as counted by MS Word. Current copy-editing rates are 2 cents per word, with a 2 day turn around for up to 5,000 words. You can request expedited copy-editing services at 3 cents per word with a max speed 10,000 words per day. Proofreading rates are currently 1 cent per word, with a 2 day turnaround per 8,000 words. You can request expedited proofreading services at 2 cents per word, with a max speed of 20,000 words per day. I can do online editing in MS Word, Google Docs, or any word processing software. Editing of hard copy is available for no extra cost, though turnaround will be longer due to the time required to mail or pick up your manuscript.

Copy Editing

Did you know Electronic Document Design does copy editing and proofreading? Rates start at just .0075 cents per word (1.87 per page at 250 words per page) if you have at least 100,000 words for me to edit. Check out the novel by award-winning author Olivia Norem that I edited. You can buy the Kindle version for just $1.99 for a limited time: How to Steal a Highlander.