Social Media Content Development

For just $200 a month Electronic Document Design can handle content development and publishing to 3 of your social media channels. Content can be for your website blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mix, Google+, Tumblr, Meetup — you choose. Month to month, no commitment. Includes short posts (50 words or less) daily, and a longer article (250 to 700 words), once a week. Not ready to do three channels? Try Twitter only for just $75 a month, daily posts (that is just over $17 a week — a bargain). Note, for the 3 channel package, we have only 15 spots available. For Twitter only, 30 spots are available. All content is developed in-house by Margaret Eldridge personally. No content is outsourced. Satisfaction guarantee. You can try it for 1 week, and if you are not happy, get a refund for the remaining 3 weeks. Pricing is subject to change, but this intro pricing will be honored for those signing up by December 31, 2019 and will remain in effect for 1 year from content package start date.