Spawning Pages in a PDF

Did you know it is possible to add a button to a PDF that will add additional pages from a “template” page in your PDF form? See this TUTORIAL from Adobe.


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Using PDF Forms on a Tablet

A good topic was raised today by a client about using PDF forms on tablets. Our advice here at Electronic Document Design is to make sure all your tablets have the latest version of Adobe’s Reader software installed, and not a generic PDF viewer software. This will ensure that the form fields work properly and that data can be saved into the form (with Reader Extensions enabled). It is also a good idea to run a field test on the tablets with just one form for at least a couple of weeks to be sure this solution will work for you before investing in conversion of all your business forms to fillable PDF forms.  Most times, all goes well, but some applications, like forms that require insertion of new pages or insertion of images, may not work as you expect. That is because more complex actions require Javascript, which does not work on most tablets and other mobile devices.